Win8.1 -> Win10 experience

My Surface Pro 3 came with Win8 installed, and was greatly improved by the update to Win8.1.

My Win7 desktop computer had enough going wrong that I was tired of trying to fix it; it was old and slow enough that I didn’t mind getting a new computer, complete with 8.1.

Win8 isn’t really great on the desktop computer, so I upgraded the desktop when the helpful (?!) Win10 reminder told me I could.

The upgrade went smoothly enough.  My biggest complaint is that none of the groups/layout of my Win8 Start page were preserved in the Win10 Start menu/page hybrid.  Not a big problem, just a tedious annoyance having to rearrange the start menu/page, removing all the shite I’d never use but MS thinks I want (Candy Crush, for love of Patrick….)

After a couple of trouble-free weeks with Win10 on the desktop computer, I figured I could try it on the SP3.

Again, the upgrade went smoothly, until … the WiFi stopped working.  It would connect to the router, acquire internet access, then quickly lose it.  I’d disconnect then reconnect, with the same result every time – acquire internet access, then lose it.

Researching this on line I discovered a lot of complaints about Win10 and wifi problems, SP3 and wifi problems, and most pertinent to me, wifi that worked on Win8 but not after the upgrade to Win10.  Much speculation about the drivers for the wifi hardware, but no definitive answers.

Since the SP3 isn’t much use to me w/o a network connection, I rolled it back to Win8.1 (an option that, according to the Windows Recovery tool, is only available for 30 days after upgrading).

That, too, went surprisingly smoothly … until I tried to use Google Chrome — SSL cert problems on nearly every web site I visited, including Google themselves.  IE has the same problems.

For now,  Firefox is working, so that will be my default browser until (if?) I can get Chrome working again.

Win8.1 -> Win10 on Dell desktop?  No problems.

Win8.1 -> Win10 on Surface Pro 3?  Not recommended..

If anyone has insight in to the wifi issue in Win10 on SP3, I would very much like to hear about it, as Win10 is much preferable to Win8.1.


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