VS AutoSave extension update – v

UPDATE: Now available in VS Gallery.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t figure out how to craft the manifest so the Gallery would accept the package if support for VS2015 Community Edition was included.  The package at the private gallery includes that support.


I discovered that the preference for saving the Solution when VS lost focus wasn’t getting saved correctly.
I have fixed that; the new version of CBExtensionPkg is available in the private gallery (http://www.cbates.net/VSIX/atom.xml).

Looking at the package’s page in the Visual Studio Gallery, I couldn’t find a way to update the .vsix.  As far as I could tell, I need to unpublish the extension, then publish it again!  Surely, there must be a way for an existing package in the Gallery to get an update….

v. will appear in the Visual Studio Gallery as soon as I can figure out how to get it there.

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