Powershell Get-History and Invoke-History

I use Get-History (‘ghy’) and Invoke-History (‘ihy’) frequently, so I started thinking about streamlining their use.

I came up with Run-CmdFromHistory:
function Run-CmdFromHistory {
     param (
        [Int32] $cmdCnt = 15
    $cmds=get-history | select -last $cmdCnt;

    Write-Host “Enter a cmd id to run (empty to cancel)” -Foreground Yellow;
    $id = Read-Host ” “;
    if([string]::IsNullOrEmpty($id) -eq $false) {
        invoke-history $id;
    else {

.SYNOPSIS A concatenation of Get-History/Invoke-History in one command. Display last cmdCnt number of commands. Allow user to select by number and run.

.PARAMETER cmdCnt (Optional) Number of commands to display. Default = 15.

Set-Alias rch Run-CmdFromHistory -Scope “Global”


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