Microsoft does something right, then finds a way to disappoint…

UPDATE the Second:

After quite a bit of googleBing, I discovered a post about “Power Button / Volume Up” for 30 secs after an incomplete / failed update.

Using that technique got the SP3 running again, screen right side up, keyboard working.  With fingers crossed, I tried the new power supply, and it appears to work as expected.

The SP4 keyboard works, too; while I can’t use the new fingerprint reader yet (that requires Win10, I think), the spacing of the keyboard and key pressure is an improvement over the previous model.

I’m going to file this as a remarkable coincidence in a failed update and a new piece of hardware…


WTF?!  It just restarted after the refresh, and it is still upside down, and the keyboard still doesn’t work…

I was going to upgrade to the SP4 Type Cover — all of a sudden that seems like maybe not such a good idea.


I have really enjoyed my Surface Pro3.  With a separate keyboard and monitor, it really could be a desktop replacement.

When I saw the new Surface Pro 4 Dock and read that it was compatible with SP3, that seemed like a great idea  – the new dock is a lot more compact, making it a lot easier to travel with.

Alas, once I plugged the SP3 in to the SP4 dock all sorts of things started going awry – screen is locked upside down, keyboard doesn’t work, etc.

I put the SP3 in the old dock — screen came around, but the Type Cover keyboard still didn’t work, but the external keyboard did!?

On the road this morning, and, out of the dock, the screen is locked upside down, and the keyboard doesn’t work.

“Refreshing” the SP3 now, which, while not a full re-pave, will require me to reinstall all my desktop applications.

Thanks, Microsoft, for delivering worse than nothing…

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