Lync, window-opener extraordinaire…

My employer relies on Microsoft Lync for IM and on-line meetings.
Maybe the UI/UX experience is designed to make the corporate overlords feel good because Lync does so much work when you join a meeting…

  1. Open the meeting invite to get the link to the meeting.  (This is the 1st window.)
  2. IE opens and goes to some Lync-related page.  (Window 2.)
  3. The Lync client opens.  (I have no idea why.  Window 3.)
  4. Finally, the window with the actual meeting opens!

Four windows to close now for one meeting; I only had to interact with two of them — the meeting invite to get the link to the meeting, and the meeting window itself.

Does anybody at Microsoft use Lync and think this is a good user experience?

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