Devenv.exe /SafeMode is my friend

Something strange happened to my VS2013 installation yesterday.

I logged in to Office 365, then needed to install Office 2016 locally in order to use my employer’s Skype for Business account.

After doing that, VS2013 wouldn’t start, it would crash to the “Debug / Check for solutions dialog”.  Click “Check…”, the dialog appears again, click “Check…” again, and finally “Cancel”.

After uninstalling and re-installing twice, I remembered that there were some command line options for starting Devenv.exe that might be useful.  /SafeMode did the trick.  I found what appeared to be a misbehaving extension (a message about not being able to load content in a tool window, or something).  Uninstall the extension, close VS2013; restart VS2013 w/o the /SafeMode switch, and it appears to work as expected.  Reinstall the troublesome extension, and it seems to back to normal.

I’ll probably never know what happened — was the extension’s apparent corruption due to Office 365/Office 2016/Skype for Business, or just coincidental with their installation?

I hope I remember the /SafeMode switch next time I run in to this kind of issue…

Devenv Command Line Switches


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